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RespectCall™ Marketing and Fundraising

Since 1993

RespectCall™ means that when one of your supporters receives a call from us, it's as though they received it from you.


We are a PCI Compliant company

A successful membership renewal campaign debunks
the myth...

April 1,2014

"Telemarketing doesn't work."

If you think that, you're not alone. HPNA's Director of Membership used to think so too. But when member retention fell to 43% and a board and staff driven telephone campaign failed to make a difference another tactic was needed.

Comnet is proud to offer our
"No Loss Guarantee"!


If you're considering reaching out to your donors, members or constituents, give us a call and inquire about our no loss guarantee.


Comnet is a PCI
Compliant Company

Since mobile devices are becoming the leading vehicles for web access, Comnet has built data solutions to secure cardholder information transmittal.


Do you have questions about PCI Compliance and what it means for your organization? We've included some additional information to give you a better understanding of the process.

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